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eas facing the heavy rains may have come and gone, but the waters are still rising. the wet weather also causing problems on the roads.
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and now there are problems on the road ahead as we will be creating the dangerous driving condition. and the politicians will be going on the attack. good evening, ann notarangelo has the night off. there's a major flood concern tonight. we have not seen heavy rains for three hours. they are still feeling how high the water levels are. >> hi there. and we're right across the street from the creek and there is still a lot of mud on the ground as you can see it in the lanes of traffic. still moving on through as there is still some warning tapes up, reminding people that there was a lot of water out here just a little earlier. let's take a look at some of that video. cars were getting stuck in the water, some actually breaking down. the san francisco creek went over its banks flooding the streets and a part of highway
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101. now according to the fire chief, no homes were flooded. some of the water did damage some businesses. roads in the east neighborhoods were closed off for a part of the night. water ran right up to peoples driveways. they said that they are worried that a levy could be compromised. some worried residence scrambled to protect their homes. >> and i was going to go get something like that. you know about 10 minutes. if i could get some of the mud away. but other than that, just wait for the water to go down. >> my mom would be scared. telling me that she was scared. and she just wants to get her stuff because she has important documents and stuff. >> reporter: flooding closed on highway 101 earlier and there are some voluntary evacuations in place. people could head over to the ymca if they feel like doing that. high tide was right before 10:00. they expect the water to recede. that's what's happening where we are on university avenue right outside of the four seasons hotel that you can see it again, no more water in the
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roads. definitely a lot of mud. a big mess earlier tonight. >> thank you very much. flooding, of course, nothing new for that pal alto area. do you remember this? from february 1998 during the el nino storm season, hundreds of homes were damaged in the flooding. the rains back then turned the creek into a raging torrent far beyond what has happened tonight. for the second time this year, they have taken the napa area for flood stage. it peaked four hours ago there, but the rivers are still rising a bit in the city of napa, so some flood warnings are still in effect there. more good news. just light rain around the bay area. the heavier rains have moved south to the range east of gilroy some falling around coyote lake, but that's about it. showers will end, we dry out tomorrow. that's what we expect next. so we get a break. we get sun tomorrow. then on chris may, it looks as
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if -- christmas it looks as if we're going to get more rain, but not too much by any means. tomorrow a little bit of the sunshine. several more major roads impacted tonight by the storm. and the niles canyon road between the road, they closed because of the rock slide. traffic is being detoured at 680. people are advised to avoid the area. now, state road 84 is closed in both directions because of a tree blocking all lanes. and in the santa cruz mountains of highway 17, they were closed for more than two hours, leading up to the mammoth backups, which have been reopened. and in so moe that county, they closed near valley ford because of flooding. and the counties did what they could to get ready for the aftermath as cbs 5 reporter shows us that people were hoping for the best. >> reporter: from the creeks to the flooded lots, they are dealing with the repercussions of the latest storms. >> right now you're looking at
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a foot and a half of water in the center part of the park. >> that's pengrove park, which the social firemen group, they will own and maintain. >> there's not a lot that you can do about it. we have tried sandbagging in the past, but it is fruitless. >> reporter: they topped their banks this morning. >> and we have to come in and shovel out all the snow. and they cleaner -- they have cleaner bathrooms. >> it's a little dramatic, i think. >> reporter: this trucking company's parking lot is now a part of the creek that ran behind it, the dumpster sitting in several inches of water. >> we moved all the trucks on that side as i'm worried about my guy's trucks that are over here. so it's coming fast. that's what i don't understand. >> reporter: since we don't know how much rain will come for the rest of the week, businesses here are preparing for the worst as they have the sandbags at the parking lot. >> and we're hoping for the best. mother nature is going to do
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what they need to do. >> and stacked on tables and everything. >> reporter: now, they moved everything off the floor in his apparel printing shop. >> first we have flooding insurance and all that stuff. and we don't want to go there if you can avoid it. >> reporter: and it is only december. >> hopefully it happened earlier in the season and it won't happen later on in the season to get in earlier to clean it up. >> yeah. >> it's a big job cleaning it up after this. >> reporter: in pen grove, cbs5. >> there's more problems on the bay area roadways to show you that this is the scene on the highway in the county above downtown mill valley earlier today. three in a row, saturated ground caused that large tree to fall over and block both directions of the highway. crews spent several hours removing the tree much to the frustration of the stranded drivers. well, i'm upset, i want to get home. so you know it is not their fault. they are obviously seeing a tree in the road.
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why isn't somebody cutting down the tree to get that home? >> that is a frustrating place to get stuck too. you need to take a long detour all the way here to head south on highway 101, which is what they had to do before the tree was finally cleared. more trouble for drivers here at the road south of highway 115. and it is closed. now after this massive sink hole opened up this afternoon, a drainage pipe under the road caused the pavement to collapse. the road crews, they brought in the massive steel plates to cover it while the repairs were being made, but that could take three days before they get the roads back open. and also here, the house on cozie court in forestville that was hit hard literally when that tree came crashing down. it came down into pieces, knocking power out in the area. all the result of the wind gusts approaching 60 miles an hour.
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at least 56 flights were canceled today. they were running two and a half points here at this point. no major delays. travelers are facing different kinds of delays, continuing to fall at the winter storm warnings that will be remaining in effect until early tomorrow morning. driving on interstate 80 have been under the chain reactions for most of the weekend in the strong winds, creating the whiteout conditions at times with the gusts to 70 miles an hour. when the storm passes, they will be measuring that there, 6 to 89 feet more snow than this time last week. you can track the storm any time. it's on our website of now, something else that seems to be here to stay about the gun control. politicians addressed the issue on the sunday morning talk show
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and cbs reporter, they have that story for you. they are arguing for the creation of the national data base of the mentally ill to prevent them from buying weapons. they are also lobbying to put the armed guards in police. and the executive vice president, wayne. >> if it is crazy to call for putting police in our security to -- in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy. and i think that they think it is crazy not to do it. >> reporter: but the american public is showing you a new willingness to tighten this gun control law. in the news poll conducted after the fatal newtown shooting, 57% of the americans say that the gun control laws should be more strict. the highest level of the support in a decade. and they may provide the renewed support for the politicians that are willing to challenge the powerful nra
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lobby. new york senator criticized the nra vice president argument that any attempt that the gun restrictions is showing you is bound to fail. >> i think he's so extreme and tone death that he actually helps the cause of us passing the sensible gun registration in the congress. >> a number of the democratic congressmen have pledged to consider the assault weapons banned. on sales of the semiautomatic rifles. many firearm enthusiasts fear that the new laws are here and voting with their pocketbooks. at a denver gun show this weekend, ammunition for the semiautomatic rifle, the style of weapon used in the newtown attack. sold out within an hour. >> we're worried that we won't be able to keep our guns for our safety. we're not doing anything wrong. >> and it isn't clear yet whether the nation's second worse school shooting actually drives washington to change any gun laws.
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but a review by cbs5 news indicates schools in at least a dozen states are looking at the nra call to add the armed officers or allow teachers to carry weapons. cbs news, washington. president obama, another dignitary saying good-bye to the late senator inouye tonight. the 19-gun salute was fired as inouye's coffin arrived over the pacific. the site served as the final resting place to thousands of world war ii veterans. the 88-year-old inouye died of respiratory complications on monday. still ahead the race is on to get those last-minute christmas gifts. how some stores are making it easier for procrastinators. a gift giving charity makes the holiday wishes come true for children affected by super storm sandy. and that story is coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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sad anniversar checking the bay area headlines. san francisco police, they marked a sad anniversary. six years ago this weekend the officer, he was shot and killed, trying to arrest the prison escapee in the city sunset district. through the years, they marked that anniversary with the candlelight memorial, but this year people were invited to the police station for a private remembrance inside the community room. and that it is their big name. and they hold their annual toy drive this morning. people can drop off the toys for needy kids any time from 6:00 to midnight at the 33 be gary boulevard. and it is the 12th consecutive
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year for the toy drive. and january 2 will be the last day and it will be free to the public. they will be exiting the building that day. the new auditorium will open in april. it's not an official spare the air day yet, but the air quality management district is asking people not to light the wood burning fires or stoves tomorrow. officials want to avoid that build up of the unhealthy air for the christmas daytime. and speaking of just one full day left to shop before christmas and the bargain hunters, they are packing the stores, regardless -- regardless of the weather. they are being marked down and tracking the christmas procrastinators that people are picking it up, the last-minute gifts for friends, family, even
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themselves. some deals, they are just too good to pass up. >> it was like i was not going to buy for people and then we came out and there were sales. so i thought why not? >> and it looked like they were hiring more people just to make sure. >> and yet they are adding more employees and more hours to meet the needs of shoppers. some stores have been opened around the clock this weekend to accommodate the customers. all right, now back to the topping of the day. we will head to the update of the rivers because it was a factor up in snow hoe mental anguish county and the south bay. but the first place that the alerts were raised is whether or not the rain was falling at the hardest this morning. the napa river crested at 16.- 9d feet at 6:00 tonight. just barely above the flood stage. and so it is now receding. they still have the flood warnings posted, but probably not for long. and the forecast probably will
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not be achieved. that would be a little bit above the flood stage, but not rising as quickly as they thought it would and here is why. hardly an echo to be seen here on high definition doppler, even down the south bay, which is very good news for the people that saw the creeks rising big time. the only thing to spot are between these areas where there will be a few showers, but that's about it. most of the action will be headed south. and they have a flood watch that will be posted for tomorrow. and it will be flirting at least with the flood stage at 32 feet. but because everything is dried up, things, they will continue to drain drying tomorrow. so it shouldn't be anything more than minor flooding because it does not look like it will be reading the flood stages. and the temperatures right now, 48 degrees. 51 in san jose. here's what it looks like tomorrow. just patchy fog along the
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coast. that's good, but it will not be lasting long. on christmas day we will be wet again, but not nearly as wet as what it was today. the low pressure that will be over the west will not be pushing there, winter storm warnings. in the meantime george harrison says here comes the sun. tonight, they are still taking a bit of the powder in the sierra, posted for the entire area. heavy snow, gusty winds and the avalanche danger. afterall they picked up as much as 8,000 feet of snow in the last week. and other hubs around the country, at 64. denver at 37, chicago at 36. it doesn't look too bad for tomorrow. and that is the way that it should be. the forecast highs for tomorrow, 56 in oakland, 53 in the city. the extended forecast, rain spreads south during the day. on christmas day that is. tomorrow we get a break.
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few showers on wednesday. the later half of the week, things don't look too bad as we will get a permanent chance to dry in. we'll need to wait until thursday for that. other news tonight, a charity that started after super storm sandy hoping to bring a little holiday cheer to the new york community that is one of the hardest hit. cbs 5 reporter is in howard beach when hundreds of kids received some early christmas gifts. and a restaurant in howard beach new york, turned into a christmas wonderland for hundreds of kids. and they are still without a permanent home after super storm sandy. >> and there is food, soda, and finally presents. >> reporter: sandy flooded 10- year-old matthew rosenhouse's basement. it threatened to wipe out christmas. >> just trying to get them things. the people that have donated gifts have been awesome. >> reporter: joy wong created this gift-giving charity after helping a friend clean up from the storm. >> her son thought about throwing out the toys. he was so emotional about it,
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being upset. and to have the toy thrown out. >> reporter: secret sandy allowed online donors to make sure that the magic of christmas wasn't lost this year. >> the organization received enough donations to fulfill the wishes of 2,000 of sandy's youngest victims. some of the kids got their gifts here at the christmas party. he says that christmas will not be the same now that they live in a small apartment. >> and now it will be just one floor. that we cannot have a normal every day thing. >> but the parents, they say that they are taking some of the disappointments away. >> we didn't expect the special angels like this. i'm blown away. >> reporter: the charity, they will now collect donations all year long to benefit the kids in the hard hit areas. marley for cbs news, howard beach, new york. still to come, the u.s. congressman's public battle. not with the policy matters, but with his weight. ,,,,,,
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it's a christmas eve tradition. the defense view has been tracking santa. this year you can keep tabs, keeping tabs in a lot of different ways. thanks to all of them here. >> and they now have that santa tracker app for smart phones. following the big guys here. all the way on twitter too. and for the first time, they are also tracking santa on their maps. you can interact with him. although that he will probably be busy on google plus. it's the time of the season when they make the new year's resolutions the most common ones, losing weight. and it will be all from a public struggle, introducing us to a congressman that is going public with his fight. winning in their 7th district and against his weight. >> that's one of the questions,
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if somebody in the media asked me, what size collar are you? i thought they would not ask that of a lot of people. >> is that fair game? >> i don't think so. >> it wasn't just on the campaign trail. where the long hallways will be making for lots of walking. his weight was wearing on his joints, making it difficult, even to move around. >> and i know how hard it was, even to get on out of the chair, which sounds funny for people at home to think, you know, my gosh you can't get out of the chair? but i was getting to the point. he was 320 pounds has lost 20 already. he hopes to lose at least 80 more. he's doing it by changing what he eats, and more on changing when. only between the hours of noon and 8:00. he is also walking 90 minutes a week. in his hometown of springfield, people started to notice. >> and i asked him if he had lost some weight and he said
10:24 pm
yeah. he's been known for almost 20 years. >> billy is a big man. he's a big personality, and a red meat steak lover. and it gives him motivation. like wisconsin's paul ryan or illinois' aaron shock, but that's not the goal. >> the goal is to become healthier myself and to prove to people that this stage of life that hey, we can all do it. >> and no matter how many times he loses as a former auction near, he'll have no trouble keeping count. >> impressive. very impressive. that's trying to keep you entertained. >> billy, i'm right there with you. >> okay, just ahead, they went 0-2 today.
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it will be this minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...two forgettable a couple of bay area nfl teams, they had a quiet flight home as you must imagine. two forgettable losses for them today. kaepernick, what a difference a week makes, huh? tonight is all about the other quarterback, russell wilson, a pass and catch for the texas alum. his second touchdown of the game, marshawn lynch. 49ers were trying to get back into it, but it was picked up and returned, 90 yards for the
10:28 pm
touchdown. one of his stanford players, he did it. 21-0. second quarter. the 34th -- the 4th quarter, connecting with him for another. seattle wins 42-13 as they clinch that playoff spot. and they could do the same. with a win over arizona. they won the second straight game for carolina, getting blasted, delivering the shot. x-rays were negative. no stop for them scoring four plays for the turnovers. and they beat the raiders. it will be 17-6. coming up on cbs5, what these players had to say about the losses they took today. >> i'll be watching. >> we all will. >> that does it for eyewitness news at 10:00. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs5.
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